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Final Exam

Final ExamFinal exam are the exams that are conducted at the end of the year to test the students on the basis of their knowledge and understanding of the course syllabus. These exams are considered very important for the students as they decide their promotion… Read More »Final Exam

Formal Letter Format

Every individual should know the Formal letter format. Formal letters, often known as Business or Professional letters, are letters with a predetermined format. Informal letters are, by definition, less formal than formal letters. To be able to write a formal letter, students must first understand… Read More »Formal Letter Format

Figure of Speech

A figure of speech is a form of expression like a simile or metaphor which is used to convey meaning or increase the gravity of something often by comparing or identifying one thing to another. This effect might be used rhetorically in a deliberate arrangement… Read More »Figure of Speech

Father of Sociology

Father of Sociology Auguste Comte (Father of Sociology) is credited with establishing sociology and positivism. Comte developed the word sociology and systematically organized the new study. Both Louis Comte, a tax official, and Rosalie Boyer, Comte’s mother, were ardent Roman Catholics and staunch royalists. Their… Read More »Father of Sociology

Flipped learning

In today’s classroom, flipped learning is one of the most intriguing trends. It’s founded on the idea that using class time for small group activities and individualized attention helps students learn better. Teachers then provide lecture materials and presentations for students to watch at home… Read More »Flipped learning

Father of Geography

Father of Geography  Eratosthenes (Father of geography) of Cyrene, an ancient Greek mathematician, and astronomer were the first to use the term geography. He is also known as the Father of Geography. Geography is the study of the Earth, its physical features, landmasses, seas, and… Read More »Father of Geography

कारक – Factor

कारककारक is one of the most asked questions on the internet. कारक is the concept of Hindi and it is considered a very important concept of the subject. According to Wikipedia -“रूपविज्ञान के सन्दर्भ में, किसी वाक्य, मुहावरा या वाक्यांश में संज्ञा या सर्वनाम का क्रिया के साथ उनके सम्बन्ध के अनुसार… Read More »कारक – Factor

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology