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Fiction is a creative work that majorly tells about a story or a character. The characters are imaginary and do not have to do anything with history, fact, and plausibility. This form of writing is limited to storytelling or writing novels. There are majorly three types of fiction, including:

  • Literary fiction

The literary form of writing follows non-conventional plot structures. However, this form of writing contains embedded symbolism and allegory. This kind of writing explains the plot in detail and gives time to all the characters to showcase their nature. It discusses the backstory of every character and the point of view of the main characters of the story. Moreover, the story is covered under various themes and subtexts. It can include novels, novellas, and short stories. 

  • Genre fiction

This type of writing is more inclined towards mainstream writing and is less likely to fall into the category of literary writing. Different genres are captured by the writers under this form of writing. Some of the famous genres comprise thriller, mystery, horror, fantasy, and children’s books. A writer can choose to write in any of these genres based on their interests and storyline. 

  • Mainstream fiction

This kind of writing is adopted to attract more readers to literature. This kind of writing also gets the status of bestselling novels. Some of the bestselling mainstream novels of all time include the book Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling. 

Candidates willing to write stories can select any of these fiction types to showcase their writing abilities. 

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