Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the construction of buildings, bridges, and other structures. The scope of this field is not just limited to construction, but it is also about designing and maintaining physically and naturally built structures. This field of… Read More »Civil Engineering

Conceptual Framework

A conceptual framework is an analytical tool that works in several contexts and variations. This framework can be used by anyone to organize their ideas. The framework is designed in a manner that makes things easy to remember and apply. The conceptual framework can be… Read More »Conceptual Framework

CMAT Syllabus

CMAT is one of the crucial examinations for candidates willing in making a career in the management and allied fields. Every year, thousands of students give this exam to get admission to some of the best management institutes in the country. The CMAT syllabus remains… Read More »CMAT Syllabus

College Fest

College Fest is an event that celebrates college life. It includes a variety of different activities from concerts to carnivals. Tens of thousands of students from all over the world attend and participate in the festivities and make lifelong memories. College fest is an event… Read More »College Fest

Cultural Studies

Cultural studies is an interdisciplinary field that makes people understand the dynamics of contemporary culture and the history of popular cultures of the world. This field considers various factors like ideology, class structures, national formations, ethnicity, gender, and generation. Cultural studies do not view culture… Read More »Cultural Studies

Comparative Literature

Comparative literature covers literature and other creative forms of writing from various cultures, nations, and genres. It explores the relationship between literature and other forms of creative writings. Moreover, it delves deeper into the aspects of literature in society. It tries to get the answer… Read More »Comparative Literature

Close Reading

Close reading is a term used in literary criticism to describe the careful, sustained interpretation of a brief passage of a text. A close reading puts emphasis on the single and the particular aspects of the text over its general connotation, affected by close attention… Read More »Close Reading


Condonation is often used in the context of the judicial system. However, in the field of education, condonation refers to a fee that students have to pay if they do not have the required attendance at the end of the semester or year. Most colleges… Read More »Condonation


Conclave refers to a secret meeting that used to take place between cardinals in the Roman Catholic Church, but now the term is used to refer to closed-door educational spaces that discuss niche subjects. The education landscape is transforming rapidly to impart quality education to… Read More »Conclave

CAT Exam Syllabus

The Common Admission Test or CAT exam is a management aptitude test. A candidate has to clear the CAT Exam to get admission to the MBA courses offered by the twenty IIMs in the country as well as over thousand two hundred B-schools. More than… Read More »CAT Exam Syllabus