A Course refers to a unit of teaching that is led by one or more professors. It usually lasts for one academic term and has a fixed listing of students. A Course typically covers an individual subject. It is divided into weekly programs called classes… Read More »Course

Classroom Walkthrough

Classroom Walkthrough is an observational model of professional development for teachers. It includes processes and ways to handle the classroom and it facilitates better learning.  Classroom Walkthrough promotes effective and efficient classroom management, which enunciates the holistic development of the students. This can be attained… Read More »Classroom Walkthrough


Classwork involves the active engagement of students in learning and doing the work in the class itself. It includes completing assignments, which have to be completed in the given time. There are various ways and techniques of doing classwork through which students adapt to the… Read More »Classwork

Classroom Projects

Classroom projects are the tasks assigned by the teachers to the students to track their performances. Teaching is important, but mere teaching can get boring. To break the monotony, games, activities, and classroom projects are introduced to increase students’ involvement.  In this way, we can… Read More »Classroom Projects

Classroom Management

Classroom management is a strategy that consists of several methods, like differentiated instruction and agile learning. It also takes into account the teachers’ attitude where he/she controls the classroom environment to maintain discipline, respect, consistency, and proximity. Differentiated instruction means providing instructions as per individual… Read More »Classroom Management

Classroom Observation

Classroom observation is referred to as observing a teacher’s performance in the classroom. Classroom observation includes a way of recording real-time classroom sessions. It helps the administrator monitor the teacher’s performance during the class sessions as part of the regular evaluation. Feedback on the teachers… Read More »Classroom Observation

Classroom Management App

Classroom management app refers to the digital software that assists in creating a digital classroom by providing an online class environment for students for a better learning experience. Classroom management app helps the teachers to educate, assist, communicate, and monitor the entire class from one… Read More »Classroom Management App


Classroom refers to a specially designed space to teach the students without any interruption. Students are expected to be obedient and quiet in the classroom. The classroom also uses an adaptive learning technology method to enhance better training and education for the students. It makes… Read More »Classroom

Class Size

Class size refers to the total number of students in each classroom. Depending upon class size, the teachers may divide the students by making an active learning classroom, where they engage the students in deep learning activities rather than surface learning. Active learning strategies promote… Read More »Class Size