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CBSE full form is-Central Board of Secondary Education. It is a national-level board of education for public and private schools in India. It is controlled and directed by the Union Government of India.  CBSE is one of the leading boards with ten regional offices across… Read More »CBSE

Class Constitution

Class constitution refers to the students’ collective inputs on how they should be taught. The class constitution is one of the best methods to study where the teachers prepare the draft syllabus. All the students collectively participate in decision-making. They decide how they should learn,… Read More »Class Constitution


Class refers to a group of students studying together at the same level in school, college, or university. The educational class is divided into two groups: Physical and Online Class. The teaching process in both groups is different but may engage in a co-teaching technique.… Read More »Class

Character Development

Character development is a process based on a positive psychology program to help students build their foundation of core ethical values of life — respect, justice, responsibility, etc. It aims to build character that lasts a lifetime.  Understand and digitize school operations with Teachmint and… Read More »Character Development

Catalog Year

Catalog year is the academic year when the student gets admission in a school or university. The graduate rate in any education institute is decided according to the catalog year. Each year has a different curriculum design and major to choose.  If the student drops… Read More »Catalog Year

Capstone Project

Capstone Project also called a senior exhibition or capstone experience or capstone course, among many other terms, refers to the academician’s final in-depth assignment. It is the task assigned to the graduate school students at the end of an academic year.  The capstone project is… Read More »Capstone Project