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Co Education

Co education, often abbreviated to co ed or coed, is a term used to refer to a system of education where children of all genders can study together in harmony. This is the most common form of education in secular countries and has proven to be beneficial in cultivating moral and ethical codes of conduct when mingling with people of different sexes and genders. 

A school that provides co education is called a coed school. The world’s oldest co ed school is considered to be Archbishop Tenison’s Church of England High School established in 1714 in Croydon, United Kingdom. It admitted both boys and girls from its inception itself. The first co ed college was Oberlin Collegiate Institute, Oberlin situated in the state of Ohio in the United States of America. 

Co Ed Schools Advantages 

Co ed schools have many advantages, some of which are given below:

  • Promotes Equality in Class – Students will get to learn more about children who have different genders, hence giving them a sense of belonging and security with themselves as well as each other which will, in turn, promote equality in class
  • Enhances Competition – Competition almost always brings out the best in everyone, and co ed schools are clear grounds for healthy competition among people of different genders. 
  • Improves Collaboration – In addition to competition, collaboration also plays an important role in education. Co ed schools also help students of different genders collaborate with one another, which will make them comfortable with each other. 
  • Reduces Chances of Discrimination – Since students of all genders study side by side with one another, collaborating and competing with each other, the chances of them discriminating against them on the basis of their gender or sexual orientation becomes quite low.

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