The term Curriculum refers to the content and lessons that are taught at a school or university. It includes the learning objectives of a course, assignments given to a student, and numerous units. A curriculum also includes the skills and knowledge that the students are… Read More »Curriculum

Culture of Learning

A culture of learning is a structure where students and learners get the opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge for enhancing their performance. Such a culture promotes both individual and organisational growth. In the traditional sense, a culture of learning seeks to answer two… Read More »Culture of Learning


CTET, or Central Teacher Eligibility Test, is a national-level exam conducted in India by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). It is conducted to determine the eligibility of candidates for appointment as teachers. CTET takes place twice a year and is for teachers who… Read More »CTET


CSIR NET is a national-level exam that is conducted by the NTA or National Testing Agency. The goal is the selection of candidates for awarding the Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) and determination of the eligibility for the appointment of candidates as lecturers.  The appointment of… Read More »CSIR NET

Critical Thinking

The term Critical Thinking refers to the practice that encourages learners to form reasoned judgments by analyzing information objectively. It involves evaluating research findings and data to inform one’s analysis. The thinking emphasizes active learning over passive one.  This form of thinking is self-directed, self-monitored,… Read More »Critical Thinking


CDC stands for college development council. It is for the purpose of planning and integrated development of colleges. In addition to this, it extends help to all the affiliated colleges admitted to the privilege of the University. They provide guidance and advice to the colleges. … Read More »CDC

Continuing Education

Continuing Education is a comprehensive term that comes with an extensive list of post-secondary learning programs and activities. It is similar to the concept of further education in the UK and Ireland.  Over time, they’ve become extremely successful and have included more subjects like Music… Read More »Continuing Education

Curriculum Development

Curriculum Development refers to the procedure of improving the curriculum. In the past, numerous techniques have been used to prepare curricula. Some of the commonly used approaches to curriculum development include:  1. Analysis (Task analysis, need analysis)  2. Selecting (Choosing appropriate teaching methods and assessment… Read More »Curriculum Development

Course of Study

The term Course of Study refers to an integrated course prepared for academic studies. It is a series of courses that every student should complete before they progress to the next level of education. A usual course of study in high school involves classes in… Read More »Course of Study

Course Catalogue

Course Catalogue is a document that allows students to find the individual courses that make up the respective degree programmes offered by the university or college. It is an organised, descriptive, and detailed document by nature.  Most universities publish a catalog along with additional details… Read More »Course Catalogue