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Commence Meaning

The word “commence” is a verb that carries the meaning of initiating or beginning an action, process, or event. It is often used to indicate the start of something or the point at which an activity or event commences. Commence meaning therefore means to start… Read More »Commence Meaning

Constructivist Pedagogy

Constructivist pedagogy is a teaching approach that emphasizes the active participation of learners in their own learning process. The underlying theory of constructivism is that learners construct knowledge and meaning from their experiences, rather than receiving knowledge passively from an external source. Therefore, constructivist pedagogy… Read More »Constructivist Pedagogy


Career management and Progression (CMP) is a lifelong process of investing resources in order to achieve your future career objectives. It is a continuous process that enables you to react to the shifting needs of our volatile market. Self-awareness, professional development planning/career exploration, life-long learning,… Read More »CMP