Comprehension refers to the ability of students to think adequately about an idea. It is the action or act of grasping with the intellect. It is a physiological concept that involves thinking about a person, message, or situation and uses other concepts to deal with… Read More »Comprehension

Cognitive Relativism

Cognitive relativism refers to the belief or view that truth is unattainable. It asserts the relativity of truth. Cognitive relativism is often taken to imply the relativity of knowledge and rationality due to the connection between the concept of truth and concepts of Rationality and… Read More »Cognitive Relativism

Cognitive Load

The term Cognitive load refers to the number of working memory resources that have been used already. It typically increases when unnecessary pressure or demands get imposed on a learner. These demands could be inadequate teaching methods that are used by educators or unnecessary distractions… Read More »Cognitive Load


Cognitive relates to the word Cognition which refers to the mental process of acquiring knowledge. It involves using thought, senses, and experience for understanding and grasping things. The cognitive approach is used across schools and universities for learning purposes.  This approach is constructive, active, and… Read More »Cognitive

Classroom Activities

Classroom activities play a vital role in a student’s life. It offers to teach through various tasks assigned in the classrooms. Every activity aims at providing students with opportunities to deepen their learning. It improves their high order thinking skills. They can learn the art… Read More »Classroom Activities

Course Delivery Method

Course Delivery Method refers to the method by which academic content gets conveyed by the teacher to the students. Instructions worldwide are consistently trying to improve their instructional procedures. A content delivery method plays a vital role in enhancing the interactions between the teacher and… Read More »Course Delivery Method

Cyber Class

The term Cyber Class refers to a class or lesson that is taught using the internet or cyberspace. It allows you to get a complete education in a particular discipline from the convenience of your home. Students can enroll themselves in diploma and certificate courses,… Read More »Cyber Class

Curriculum Design

The term Curriculum Design refers to the period for creating the overall blueprint of the course. In this phase, teachers organize the instructional units for their course. A usual curriculum involves planning readings, activities, lessons, and assessments that achieve academic goals. It is a deliberate,… Read More »Curriculum Design


CDC full form is -college development council. It is for the purpose of planning and integrated development with a role and extends help to all the affiliated colleges admitted to the privilege of the University. They provide guidance and advice to the colleges.  The University… Read More »CDC FULL FORM