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Chunking is a process by which small bits of information are grouped together in a meaningful manner. Chunking is used to increase memory power and improve the retention of analytics information. As the information is being stored coherently in the minds of people, it will be easier for them to retrieve them easily. To make it easier to retrieve data, individuals will relate this information to their own experiences and will group them accordingly.

Chunking is a process that can be used to learn music, and remember location, numbers, and other things. This method can be used by students to acquire complex concepts as chunking will make it easier for them to memorize those concepts.

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This is a method that can be used in our everyday lives to retain information overload or memorize information easily. The learner can begin practicing this method by beginning with simple data or numbers before moving on to trying to memorize more complex information. Practicing is the best way to master this technique.

You can always connect the set of information you are trying to memorize with any life events or anything that interests you. Another way to do chunking is by using acronyms, you can take the first letters of the data you are trying to retain in your mind and make an acronym and easily remember them. This method is primarily used to learn verbal material, yet, you can use this methodology to store other information in your mind as well. Studies have shown that this technique of chunking works best when the information is broken down into 7 units. You can incorporate this method into your day-to-day life to remember things easily. 

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology