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Concept Attainment Model

The concept attainment model was introduced by the American psychologist Jerome Bruner. The concept attainment model revolves around the learning and teaching of concepts. In this model, students are asked to compare and contrast between examples and find the example that encompasses the attributes of the concepts they are learning. According to this model, learning concepts can be comprehended better when the examples of the concept are analyzed or evaluated. 

The concept attainment model encourages structured inquiry-based learning among students. This is a form of indirect instructional strategy that evokes the critical thinking abilities of the learners. In the concept attainment model, the teacher would present the idea to the students, and their involvement is encouraged to come to conclusions. The teacher would prompt questions to them and the students would be responding after evaluating the attributes that are presented to them. In this way, this model promotes the active participation of students in the learning process. 

Teachers can integrate this methodology into their instruction in order to encourage maximum student participation. They can divide students into different groups to implement this methodology during lectures. As concepts are introduced to the students in the form of activities, it would instill a curiosity about the topic. In this way, teachers can make the learning process more engaging and captivating for the students. This model also enables students to analyze learning concepts from different perspectives. They will be able to critically evaluate the concept and draw conclusions from them. This method encourages students to link their past experiences with new knowledge. It would improve the knowledge retention rate and hence, it is an effective teaching method that can be integrated into the curriculum. 

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