A College is an institution or establishment focused on research and education. It is usually for higher education or specialized and vocational training. However, it could also be a secondary school or a part of a federal university. Mostly, students go to college after completing… Read More »College

Collaborative Summaries

Collaborative Summaries refers to a group activity where students can create an academic summary through collaboration. This activity is for the students to reflect on their learning during a defined period. By working collaboratively, each student gets to make their contribution to the summary.  Collaborative… Read More »Collaborative Summaries

Collaborative Inquiry

Collaborative Inquiry is a technique used to help educators improve their teaching methods. In this practice, teachers work together to identify problems and everyday challenges that they face. After which, they analyze the relevant data to form a solid plan which involves various instructional approaches.… Read More »Collaborative Inquiry

Collaborative Classroom

The structure of a collaborative classroom places emphasis on group learning. In these classrooms, students are encouraged to work with each other and with the teacher. By utilizing group learning principles and instant feedback, a collaborative classroom promotes discussion and improves students’ participation.  Technology plays… Read More »Collaborative Classroom

Coaching Center

What is a coaching center? Coaching Center is a term for private educational institutes that offer classes for almost all the subjects. They prepare students for specific examinations and tests. That is why students opt for these classes for preparation for university or college entrance… Read More »Coaching Center


Co-teaching is an educational practice that pairs two or more teachers together to share responsibilities. These responsibilities include instructing, organizing, and assessing students. Co-teaching is often used as a scheme to pair an experienced teacher with a newcomer. But both the teachers are equally responsible… Read More »Co-Teaching


The term Co-education refers to an education practice wherein both common genders study together. Along with education, students also receive moral and physical values under this setup. It allows them to grow together. By studying in a co-ed environment, students also interact with the opposite… Read More »Co-Education

Class Recording

Class recording refers to the process of recording the class lectures for future reference. In an era with a reduced education budget, most schools or universities adopt digital learning technology to make it available for diverse students. They also offer a e-Refund if students are… Read More »Class Recording

Classroom Community

Classroom community is a space where the students must feel a sense of belonging. It is a safe space and as the name suggests a group wherein the students and teachers co exist. The classroom community can be considered as a place where teachers give… Read More »Classroom Community