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Cognitive relates to the word Cognition which refers to the mental process of acquiring knowledge. It involves using thought, senses, and experience for understanding and grasping things. The cognitive approach is used across schools and universities for learning purposes. 

This approach is constructive, active, and long-lasting. It helps students engage in the learning process and challenges them to use their brain more effectively. Students also get to build meaningful relationships with their peers. 

Cognitive learning is an appreciable alternative to the traditional learning approach. Instead of focusing on memorization, it puts focus, on past knowledge. Students get to reflect on the skills that’ll help them in becoming better learners. 

The main factors of cognitive learning include: 

Comprehension: It allows students to do more than merely repeating what they’ve learnt. Students understand the topics in detail with the ‘why’ behind everything. 

Memory: Students get a deeper understanding of everything that they’ve learnt. In the long run, this improves the recall value while allowing them to build upon past knowledge.

Application: It allows students to reflect on what they’ve learnt and how it applies to other things in life. Additionally, they end up becoming great problem solvers. 

Cognitive learning as an approach has numerous advantages. Some of them are as follows:

1. Promoting long-term learning.

It allows students to build upon past learnings and ideas. Developing cognitive skills helps them in applying new concepts to the information they already know. 

2. Learning becomes fun. 

 Students get excited to learn as cognitive learning gives them a chance to engage. It also develops a love for learning that lasts lifelong. 

3. Helps in improving comprehension.

As it encourages students to take a hands-on approach to learn, cognitive practices allow students to get a deeper understanding.

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