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Course Catalogue

Course Catalogue is a document that allows students to find the individual courses that make up the respective degree programmes offered by the university or college. It is an organised, descriptive, and detailed document by nature. 

Most universities publish a catalog along with additional details and information. It usually covers administrative and academic procedures and policies. A course catalogue serves as a useful tool for prospective students of higher institutions. 

Students also get to compare various colleges and universities based on their course catalogues. Course catalogues also involve the credits of each class, details of the instructor, etc. In numerous countries, a course catalogue means an online database of the course, which learners can browse through before enrolling. 

Most course catalogues have courses arranged in alphabetical order with levels denoted through numbers. Some universities in India refer to it as Prospectus. With the technological boom in the past few years, various colleges have been posting their course catalogue in a static PDF format. 

But many colleges are taking it one step further by making their online courses more interactive, making them genuinely web-native catalogues. New age course catalogues even include tools like online course maps that guide the students, to complete a program, most systematically. 

It also allows students to move efficiently between interlinked programs. Various universities, across the world, have been uploading their course catalogues on their university Apps that are mobile-friendly and easily accessible. 

Such Catalogues increase accessibility and accuracy. Few universities are also incorporating artificial intelligence into their catalogue. 

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