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Cognitive Relativism

Cognitive relativism refers to the belief or view that truth is unattainable. It asserts the relativity of truth. Cognitive relativism is often taken to imply the relativity of knowledge and rationality due to the connection between the concept of truth and concepts of Rationality and Knowledge

Like numerous other relativism forms, cognitive relativism is believed to have been put forward by the ancient sophists. This kind of relativism can take multiple shapes or structures depending on the framework to which truth is revitalised or nature of the standpoint. 

In case the truth is relativized to an individual subject, then the result is a type of subjectivism. However, the outcome is a type of cultural relativism if the standpoint in an entire culture. There are various other frameworks that include historical periods, languages, and conceptual schemes. 

The reason for its massive popularity is that many thinkers attach importance to differentiating between facts and values. The said relativism as an approach has been gaining prominence due to the sharp logical dichotomy connected with it. 

Compared to moral relativism, the said relativism is more fundamental and broader. It maintains that the truth value of all judgment is relative. However, cognitive relativism has been criticised by many Scientists and Analytic philosophers. 

A lot of them feel that it undermines their commitment and efforts for improving our ways of thinking. It has also been declared a farce by individuals who believe that cognitive relativism is logically false and self-contradictory

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