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Course Delivery Method

Course Delivery Method refers to the method by which academic content gets conveyed by the teacher to the students. Instructions worldwide are consistently trying to improve their instructional procedures. A content delivery method plays a vital role in enhancing the interactions between the teacher and students. Some of the famous course delivery method include: 

1. Face To Face: This course delivery method is a traditional one. The contact between the instructor and students is in a physical classroom, mostly on the university campus. Although the teachers of such courses don’t generally post content online, technology can be used in the form of computers and the internet to ease things. 

2. Web-enhanced: This method combines the style of traditional classrooms with the learning management system offered by the institute. To support the specific needs of the students, the instructor posts resources online. Homework and assignment work can be submitted by the students using the institute’s learning management system

3. Online: In this course delivery method, there is no need for on-campus meetings. It is provided entirely through the learning management system of the institute. Though, a proctored in-person exam can be arranged. 
4. Hybrid: Unlike the face-to-face or web-enhanced course, this method requires fewer meetings. A portion of this course is delivered on-site face to face, and the other online. Hybrid courses also use the learning management system of the institute for online delivery of content.

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