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Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

CPD, or continuing professional development, is the continuous practice of learning, maintaining, and recording your professional skills.

These abilities can be acquired formally, through courses or training, or informally, through on-the-job training or observation of others.

Some professions legally use the term “continuous professional development,” and require a particular amount of development activity to be carried out and documented each year as a condition of maintaining membership in, or registration with, a professional body, or a license to operate in that sector.

CPD is intended to assist you with identifying and acting on your own development needs.

The Continuous Professional Development Cycle demonstrates that, like most other learning, professional development is best viewed as a cyclical set of activities. The process progresses from assessing your development requirements to organizing and carrying out your learning activities to reflecting on your learning, implementing it, and sharing it with others.

CPD Cycle

Each person is required to assess their own needs, plan their own instruction, and learn on their own. Being a professional entails accepting responsibility for your own abilities and recognizing when they need to be improved.

1. Identifying Your Needs

2. Planning and Carrying Out Development Activities

3. Reflecting on Your Learning

4. Applying Your Learning

5. Sharing Your Learning with Others

Keeping Track of Your Progress

Being able to demonstrate your continued professional growth is critical, especially if your membership in a professional body is dependent on it.

As a result, you should retain a folder or portfolio of all your development efforts, as well as your learning diary. The goal is to be able to demonstrate how your abilities and knowledge have evolved over time.

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