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CRC – Cluster Resource Centre

Brc full form in education stands for Block Resource Centre and Cluster Resource Centre (CRC) was established in each block of every district under SSA to provide in-service teacher training and to give regular academic assistance to teachers and schools, as well as to assist in community mobilization initiatives. CRC’s full form in education stands for cluster resource center which is crucial for improving education quality in their respective clusters. A cluster contains five to ten schools located nearby. The CRC is responsible for the overall development of the cluster schools. These centers provide effective academic and administrative support to the schools.  

Providing students with an effective learning experience is the fundamental duty of educators. With the growth and advancements in the education sector, the learning needs and demands of students also change. To keep the teachers updated with the educational advancements and help them follow the right teaching strategies CRC’s full form in education plays an important role. 

Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) is a flagship program of the Government of India aiming at universalizing primary education for children aged 6 to 14. The federal government implements it in collaboration with state governments through a district-level decentralized management system incorporating local bodies.

The Function of BRCs/CRCs for Children with Special Needs (CWSN)

  • To keep track of how many CWSN are in the block/cluster.
  • To ensure that all CWSN in the block/cluster has access to some sort of education.
  • Conduct regular academic monitoring in schools and share valuable feedback with the teachers. 
  • Conducting surveys and collecting valuable data on education needs. 
  • To ensure the effective implementation of various student-centered curricular and co-curricular activities. 

To oversee the work of resource teachers.

Evaluate the Inclusive Education program in their local blocks/clusters regularly.

To guarantee that the resource room at the BRC/CRC runs smoothly.

To ensure that all schools in the block/cluster are barrier-free and accessible to the disabled.

Convergence with primary health care centers for early detection, identification, and medical evaluation of children with special needs.

The country currently has 6472 BRCs and 69,268 CRCs in operation. There are multiple CRCs in each block, and each CRC covers a small number of schools that are easily accessible. Brc full form in education, Block Resource Centre Co-coordinators lead BRCs, and Cluster Resource Centre Co-coordinators lead CRCs. The BRC Co-coordinator is the academic co-coordinator / facilitator at the block level who is in charge of in-service teacher training and advising the CRC Co-coordinators. They also offer training programs for Village Education Committee (VEC) and School Development and Monitoring Committee (SDMC) members (SDMCs).

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