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VILT Meaning

VILT Meaning

VILT meaning Virtual Instructor-Led Training refers to training when students and teachers are at different locations. This opens a  door of opportunities for students across the globe. Since the wake of COVID-19, the world has shifted to an online learning ecosystem where students started learning from their homes. The teacher will be in a different location and even then students had access to education and training through online means or VILT technology.

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VILT technology has helped professionals across the globe to seek training for their career development. VILT connects students from various social backgrounds and cultural traditions who are located in various cities, states, and nations. Learners have the provision to interact with students belonging to different cultural and educational backgrounds. Moreover, professionals can seek professional training through this means and will get the opportunity to interact with industry experts from any part of the world. This can help them in a lot of ways, as this is a privilege you may only get through online means. In addition, it can bridge the knowledge gap that exists between the employees in an organization. 

VILT gives students an engaging learning experience for learners as online learning can make use of various online mediums to make learning more interactive and interesting. Instructors can make use of a number of strategies to facilitate learning for learners. These strategies may not be possible in a real classroom. It also provides students with an opportunity to learn at their own pace as it they can access these classes from any part of the world.  Therefore, it fosters flexibility in learning.

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