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Viva Voce

Viva voce is also called as viva. Viva voce is an examination in which students answer questions orally rather than in writing form. In schools, viva voce is conducted after practical examinations, where students are asked questions regarding their practical examination. Moreover, it is used as a form of assessment to check students’ understanding of a subject or a concept. Students have to be well prepared to answer the questions. Therefore, they will have to indulge deeply in the subjects to score well in a viva voce. This thereby improves their knowledge of the subject. 

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There are benefits to this mode of assessment and they are:

  • It improves the communication skills of the learners.
  • It helps the learners to develop in-depth knowledge regarding the topics they are dealing with.
  • It assists teachers in understanding the capabilities of their students.
  • Teachers can use this assessment methodology in order to check for understanding of their students.
  • Students’ knowledge of the subject would improve.
  • It encourages learners to do research on different learning concepts.

Viva voce is an excellent method to gauge the capabilities of the students. With the help of this exam, students will learn to articulate their ideas in a better way. As students will be communicating through speech, it will help them in improving their confidence level. Moreover, they will be able to improve their communication skills which would help them succeed in academics. This exam equips students with the skills for teachers to communicate effectively with anyone and would help them in their personal and professional development. 

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