Peer Tutoring

Peer tutoring is a type of learning practice where students assist their peers in grasping various academic concepts. It involves students acting as tutors and instructing their classmates. In this strategy, the teacher typically designates a student who is doing well in the class to… Read More »Peer Tutoring

PAC Full Form

PAC full form PAC full form is Parent Advisory Committee. The Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)is a group of parents who work together to support the school and its community. The PAC provides advice and guidance to the school on a range of matters, including school… Read More »PAC Full Form


Before taking a decision regarding which college or school to join or which school/college should I enroll my child into, you might have come across a number of prospectuses. As you might already know, it gives you overall information about educational institutions. In the field… Read More »Prospectus


PTR full form – Pupil Teacher Ratio PTR, also called Student Teacher Ratio, is the ratio of the number of students for a teacher in any classroom. Pupil Teacher Ratio determines a number of factors when it comes to the acquisition of knowledge. In a… Read More »PTR

Palindrome Meaning

Palindrome Meaning  Palindrome meaning a word, phrase, or sentence that reads the same both forward and backward is derived from the Greek word palindromos, which means running back again. If we break the greek work, the term pallin stands for ‘back’ or ‘again’ and the… Read More »Palindrome Meaning

PhD in Chemistry

PhD in Chemistry is a doctoral degree within one of the branches of Science that span a period of three to six years. It is a complete academic study and research and is completed with the submission of an academic thesis on the subject at… Read More »PhD in Chemistry

Poka Yoke

Poka Yoke is a Japanese term that translates to mistake proofing. This concept was first used in the manufacturing sector to reduce human errors. However, soon other industries like service and healthcare, and software engineering also started applying the concept of poka yoke. Soon after,… Read More »Poka Yoke

PhD in English

A PhD in English is the highest academic qualification that can be achieved through the usual academic process of going through the several layers of BA, MA and so on.  The process of acquiring a PhD is long and arduous, and so even though the… Read More »PhD in English

Physical Science

Physical science can be defined as the systematic study of the inorganic world. It is distinct from the study of the organic world and is in the province of biological science. Physical science is ordinarily considered to be made up of 4 broad areas –… Read More »Physical Science