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Private Tuition

Private tuition involves a teacher taking private personalized classes for one single student or a group of students. The classes can either be tailored towards a certain subject or course, or it can be for students of all kinds of ages. It is quite popular as a career choice in developing countries, especially among student teachers, as it is an easy way to earn pocket money for students who are looking to earn while they are studying.

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However, the institution of private tuition itself is not primarily predominated by small-time students trying to make a buck. It is actually a thriving business that has branched out into different specialized sectors according to the different fields present. There are a lot of private tuition centers out there that specifically cater to different subjects or even to different exams. For example, there are a lot of private tuition centers that teach students how to prepare for IAS exams, UPSC exams, NEET exams, and so on. So the definition of private tuition can be extended to include private institutions that cater to different types of students and the kind of education that they require in order for them to push their careers forward.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology