Polytechnic Courses

It is a technical course, students do not get a degree on completing this course because it is a diploma. Polytechnic courses programs of diploma level that students can take admission in and later they can take B. Tech (Bachelor of Technology) or B.E. (Bachelor… Read More »Polytechnic Courses

Practice Paper

Practice Paper A practice paper is a meaningful analysis of the recent study works that have information about a practice subject to summarize science into practice. The practice paper is an alternate, ungraded interpretation of the final exam that is conducted in the class. The practice exam… Read More »Practice Paper


प्रधान प्रधान is one of the most searched words on the internet, a lot of people want to know its meaning. प्रधान is the Hindi word to represent a ‘principal’. The school principal is the highest administrative post in any school, whether it be elementary,… Read More »प्रधान

Practical Teaching

Practical Teaching  The practical teaching and learning process at some point implicates students in observing or manipulating real subjects and materials. A practical teaching method is varied from conventional or we can say the theoretical method of teaching on two degrees. First, the effective role… Read More »Practical Teaching

Post Graduation

Post Graduation is an academic qualification awarded to those who have completed studies and demonstrated a high level of knowledge in a specific field of study or professional practice. It takes roughly two years to complete the post graduation. “Magister” is a title given to… Read More »Post Graduation


‘परीक्षण’ is a Hindi word to define ‘tests’ or ‘assessments and it is one of the most searched words on the internet. A test or examination (informally, exam or evaluation) is a type of educational assessment that is used to determine a taker’s ability, aptitude,… Read More »परीक्षण

PET Teacher

PET Teacher  PET teacher, generally recognized as Phys Ed, is accountable for the education of primary and secondary school learners in physical activity and psychomotor knowledge. The physical education grade was once little more than a systematic recess; however, physical education teachers now employ students… Read More »PET Teacher

Presentation Skills

Presentation skills are vital for all the teachers, the way the knowledge is presented in the class matters a lot in the field of teaching. Teachers need to have confidence while delivering the lecture, they should be certain about what they are teaching. Many teachers… Read More »Presentation Skills

Pomodoro Technique

Pomodoro  TechniqueTime management is crucial for all students, Pomodoro technique is a technique in which students learn how to manage time. This encourages students to complete their work with the time they have. Students learn better when they divide their work into small parts with… Read More »Pomodoro Technique