A PRT is an abbreviation of a primary school teacher who teaches students from the first to fourth classes. The concept is widely popular in India, and other countries also follow similar patterns.  In other countries, a PRT can teach up to the 5th standard.… Read More »PRT


A Provost is a position in an academic institute like a university. In countries like Canada and the United States, many higher study educational institutions have this position.  The position of a Provost is equivalent to deputy vice-chancellors found in institutions and universities in Australia,… Read More »Provost

Project-Based Learning

Project-based learning is student-based pedagogy that works on a dynamic classroom approach. This approach assumes that all the students can acquire in-depth knowledge by exploring the real-world issues and personal interest projects in their subjects.  With Project-Based Learning, the students get the opportunity to work on… Read More »Project-Based Learning


Proficiency refers to the level of advancement in a particular profession, skillset, or knowledge. In academics, this proficiency is usually defined for students and teachers to judge their level of expertise in a particular subject or class.  Proficiency refers to the amount of clarity a… Read More »Proficiency

Professional Development

Professional Development is referred to when a person is highly educated but is continuing education and training to upskill himself to grow in his career. In simpler terms, professional development is keeping oneself up to date with the new development in the respective fields to… Read More »Professional Development


A profession is an occupation that includes years of training and higher formal qualification. The purpose of any individual is to pursue a career that gives definite compensation.  In simple words, the profession is figured after specialized educational training to create a career path ahead.… Read More »Profession

Proctored Test

Proctored Test is a type of exam when the examinee is under continuous physical surveillance of someone. If you want to become a supervisor or a proctor, you are the person who monitors all the students during the examination. This type of examination is called… Read More »Proctored Test


A proctor or a procurator is a person who is in charge of others’ actions. A proctor fulfills his role in three main fields; law, religion, and education. The title was and is commonly used in England and other native English speaking countries in the… Read More »Proctor


A PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) refers to a non-profit entity. It includes legal guardians of the students, administrative staff, and teachers. Its objective is to foster greater participation of the guardians or parents in decision-making at the school level. They might also be involved in facilitating… Read More »PTA