P Block Elements

These elements include certain metals, all nonmetals, and metalloids. S-block and p-block elements are joined to form standard or representative elements (except zero group elements). Each periodic table period closes with a noble gas with a closed shell ns2np6 structure from the zero group (18th… Read More »P Block Elements

Placement Test

A placement exam, sometimes known as a placement test, is an examination designed to assess a person’s prior knowledge of a subject and hence identify the level at which the person should begin courses on that subject. Most students attending college for the first time… Read More »Placement Test

Picture Book

A picture book is a type of book that mixes visual and vocal narratives. It is typically intended for young children. They differ from comics – in that the narrative is told primarily through text, as opposed to sequential images in comics. The graphics in… Read More »Picture Book


Reading and writing skills are taught to students using phonics. The links between the sounds of spoken language and the written letters are taught through phonics teaching. It aids kids with hearing, recognising, and using the various sounds in speech. Children will start comprehending which… Read More »Phonics

Private Tuition

Private tuition involves a teacher taking private personalized classes for one single student or a group of students. The classes can either be tailored towards a certain subject or course, or it can be for students of all kinds of ages. It is quite popular… Read More »Private Tuition

PVC Full Form

PVC Full Form PVC full form in the education sector is Pro Vice Chancellor. The pro vice chancellor is a high position at many universities, and the incumbent is usually in charge of different aspects of academic or administrative strategy. The responsibilities of PVC vary… Read More »PVC Full Form


PLO full form- Program Learning Outcomes. The PLO, or program learning objective, is the measurable knowledge or skills that a student would have acquired upon program completion. This helps students and educators to understand the learning objectives and outcomes of the program. The performance of… Read More »PLO

Peer Tutoring

Peer tutoring is a type of learning practice where students assist their peers in grasping various academic concepts. It involves students acting as tutors and instructing their classmates. In this strategy, the teacher typically designates a student who is doing well in the class to… Read More »Peer Tutoring

PAC Full Form

PAC full form PAC full form is Parent Advisory Committee. The Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)is a group of parents who work together to support the school and its community. The PAC provides advice and guidance to the school on a range of matters, including school… Read More »PAC Full Form