Phonology is one of the studies with various uses. It is defined as the study of speech sounds of a language or languages and the laws governing them. It is a branch of linguistics that studies the sounds and its effects. However, the meaning of… Read More »Phonology

Purpose of Education

Understanding the purpose of education is critical before enrolling in a school, college, or course. The main purpose of education is the overall development of an individual. If the educational institutions are unable to fulfill this purpose, it is inferred that they are not performing… Read More »Purpose of Education

Panel Discussion

A panel discussion is a group discussion where different people come together to discuss a topic. They are joined by other panel members and the discussion takes place in front of an audience. This discussion is typically held in academic, business, or scientific meetings. Moreover,… Read More »Panel Discussion

PII Full Form

PII full form is personally identifiable information. It is data or information used to identify a person. Some examples of PII are the bank account number, Aadhaar number, passport number, and email address. All these details serve as the personally identifiable information of a person… Read More »PII Full Form

Project Design

Project design is the first step towards the start of a project idea. In this stage the idea, processes, resources, and deliverables are planned. After the planning process is complete, students can start the project. There are seven steps for a project design and passing… Read More »Project Design

Peace Education

Peace education means providing students with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes to live in peace. Such programs are being expanded globally because of increased awareness of the need for peace in our world. In a peace education program, students learn about conflicts both within their… Read More »Peace Education


A pseudonym is a fictitious name used by authors when writing or publishing their books. It is also known as the ‘pen name.’ The pseudonym holders use a fake name to hide their identity. The term is derived from the Greek word pseudonym which can… Read More »Pseudonym

PA System

A public announcement system or a public address system, commonly referred to as a PAS or PA system, is a setup that allows one single person to broadcast a message to multiple people. A PA system may include several microphones or other sound sources a… Read More »PA System

Precis Writing

Precis writing is simply the process of writing a precis, but what is a precis? A precis can be described as a miniature version of a passage that retains all the essential points of the same, including the tone and mood of the original passage.… Read More »Precis Writing

Performing Arts

Performing arts refers to art such as dance, music, and drama that is performed for an audience. It is different from visual arts which refers to the use of a canvas or similar media for painting or other static art objects. Performing arts includes a… Read More »Performing Arts