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PTZ Full Form

PTZ full form is pan, tilt, and zoom where pan means to rotate the camera, tilt means to move the lens up and down and Zoom to zoom in or out on a part of the image you’re trying to capture using the camera.  PTZ… Read More »PTZ Full Form

PWD Full Form

In the realm of acronyms and abbreviations, “PWD” is one that holds significant importance in various sectors worldwide. PWD Full Form for “Public Works Department,” a term commonly used in government administration, particularly in the context of infrastructure development and maintenance. In this article, we… Read More »PWD Full Form

pH Full Form

pH is a fundamental concept in chemistry, pH full form is the potential of hydrogen where p stands for potenz (translating to power in German) and H stands for Hydrogen. It is actually the French term pouvoir hydrogen which translates directly to power of hydrogen.… Read More »pH Full Form

Peers Meaning

Peers meaning, in a general sense, refer to individuals who are of similar age, social status, or background, and share common interests, experiences, or goals. Peers are often part of the same social circle or community, and they can have a significant influence on one… Read More »Peers Meaning

Probation Synonyms

Probation is a legal status where a person is given a suspended sentence or is released from custody but is required to follow certain conditions and restrictions as determined by a court or a probation officer. Probation is often used as an alternative to imprisonment… Read More »Probation Synonyms

POCSO Full Form

POCSO full form stands for Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses. However, before knowing the rules and regulations of this act, let us understand what is POCSO? With the ever-increasing crime rate against women and children, it is imperative to have stringent laws to ensure… Read More »POCSO Full Form

Performance Assessment

Performance assessment is a task that students must complete rather than writing a test. In a Spanish class, for example, students may be asked to give an oral presentation rather than a traditional exam. Open-ended response exercises, extended tasks, and portfolios are used in performance… Read More »Performance Assessment

P Block Elements

These elements include certain metals, all nonmetals, and metalloids. S-block and p-block elements are joined to form standard or representative elements (except zero group elements). Each periodic table period closes with a noble gas with a closed shell ns2np6 structure from the zero group (18th… Read More »P Block Elements

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