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Philosophy of Education

Philosophy of education is a part of practical philosophy and it deals with the nature of education, and also its objectives and problems that may arise in the theory and practice of education. This field analyzes the problems related practice of education in terms of philosophy and also educational policies and practices. `

The origin of the philosophy of education is as old as the origin of education itself. It is believed to have taken birth in Greece. Socrates is one of the pioneers who started exploring this realm. Socrates put forth the view the fundamental objective of education is fostering the reasoning skills of students and to make students realize the value of education over other futile pursuits. This view of Socrates was further emphasized by his student Plato. He has also opined that the abilities and interests of students determine the kind of education they receive. Hence, taking these factors into account, he hierarchically divided students into different categories. Aristotle agreed with the argument put forth by Plato that the aim of education is to attain wisdom.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau came up with the view that education should foster the development of learners, which later gave birth to the movement “open education”. Famous philosopher Dewey’s educational and political beliefs were built upon a foundation of systematic metaphysics and epistemology, and he emphasized the vital role of education in the health of democratic social and political institutions. These are considered the major contribution to this philosophy as these philosophers were trying to formulate the aims of education. Defining the aims and objectives of education began with these philosophers. 

The right path to educational practice must be provided by the educational philosophy.  Students, parents, and teachers would benefit from understanding educational philosophy. Read more about the relationship between philosophy and education here.

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