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Heterogeneous Grouping

Heterogeneous grouping is the distribution of students of the same age or grade from various classrooms. As every student is unique with special skills, this new educational tactic creates a relatively even distribution of students. However, they may have uncommon abilities with differing educational and… Read More »Heterogeneous Grouping


What is Homework? The homework definition refers to the work given to students after class. It is intended to make students capable of doing things on their own and to recollect what they have learned in class. It is based on the teaching provided to… Read More »Homework

Home Tutor

A home tutor is a teacher that provides classes at the comfort of your home. These classes are usually priced higher than the ones conducted at tuition centres, as they provide individual attention. The number of students is usually less in-home tutoring, and the classes… Read More »Home Tutor

Holistic Learning

Holistic learning is a process that brings every part of a student together; mind, body and spirit. Learner’s emotion, intellect, creativity, imagination and body are activated to bring forth a comprehensive and effective level of educational experience. Holistic learning allows students to create a connection… Read More »Holistic Learning

Higher Secondary

What does Higher Secondary School Means? The higher secondary is also known as Senior Secondary in some places. It refers to the education imparted in the eleventh and twelfth standards in schools. The schools which provide education up to these classes are known as Higher… Read More »Higher Secondary

Higher-Order Thinking

The term higher-order thinking refers to the ability and the skill to think above the information which was gained. In simpler terms, to think on a level that is above the memorization and rote information. It is basically using your cognitive ability and doing something… Read More »Higher-Order Thinking

Hybrid Course

Blended or Hybrid Course Blended and Hybrid courses are identical terms, but both the courses are slightly different in their teaching method.  Blended Course: Blended course is a teaching method that involves face-to-face sessions using an online learning course material and physical material. Hence the… Read More »Hybrid Course

Introducing the World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology
World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology