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Heterogeneous Grouping

Heterogeneous grouping is the distribution of students of the same age or grade from various classrooms. As every student is unique with special skills, this new educational tactic creates a relatively even distribution of students. However, they may have uncommon abilities with differing educational and emotional needs. Heterogeneous grouping enables the students to apply their skills and abilities evenly through cohorts.

Unlike the homogenous grouping, which is now to get good grades, a heterogeneous group brings more holistic learning. With gifted children scattered throughout many classrooms, they help lesser talented peers perform well. They become second teachers to also propel the others along efficiently through the learning process. 

Heterogeneous grouping enables students to learn from one another’s differences. The advanced students grasping the lessons fast will have time to mentor their lesser advanced peers. Hence they learn to interact with diverse individuals by mentoring their peers. Also, they learn many virtues like teaching, patience, tolerance, and others apart from studying the subjects.

The significant difference between heterogeneous and homogeneous grouping is that the students will learn more than subjects. In homogeneous grouping, the students’ focus will be only to score marks and compete with one another for it. But in the heterogeneous grouping, though the advanced students study well and get good marks, they also help their peers to get pass marks.

The teachers of heterogeneous classrooms benefit and also have challenges. With the second teachers helping them out to help the lesser gifted students, they save a lot of time. But, balancing the study materials and the learning methodology to suit both the more gifted and lesser gifted students is challenging for teachers. The skilled students’ help to the not so talented is a boon for all students to learn fast.

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