Holiday Homework

What is holiday homework? Holiday homework is the task that is assigned to students to be completed during the holiday. this is intended to improve the skills of students and enhance their capabilities. Let us explore how one can make holiday homework interesting instead of… Read More »Holiday Homework

How to Teach Online

How to teach online is one of the most googled things nowadays. Today, we” ll be looking into how to teach online. It goes without saying that this global pandemic has brought in a myriad of changes to all our lives. Thanks to digital communication… Read More »How to Teach Online

HyFlex Teaching

Hyflex teaching incorporates an already flexible hybrid learning model into a more flexible course structure. This allows students to choose and make decisions for themselves in their learning process. They have the option to participate in a classroom or online class or can attend both.… Read More »HyFlex Teaching

Hybrid Learning

Hybrid learning is a form of blended learning and teaching, where education is imparted online as well as physically through lectures by qualified teachers. Hybrid learning is all about keeping in mind the advancement of technology while holding the roots of imparting knowledge i.e., traditional… Read More »Hybrid Learning

Hybrid Class

Hybrid class incorporates active learning with traditional classroom learning. In this form of learning, students become active participants in approximately half of the learning process. This allows them to interact with the teaching methods. The whole course combines traditional, physical face to face classes and… Read More »Hybrid Class

Hands-On Learning

Hands-on learning is a form of education where children learn by doing. Instead of listening to the teacher, the student engages with the subject matter to solve a problem in this form of education. Moreover, hands-on learning increases their creative juices. It gives them a… Read More »Hands-On Learning

Habits Of Mind

Habits of Mind means having a disposition towards behaving intelligently when in a difficult situation. These mind habits determine the success or failure in academic terms, not the standards or assessments employed. It can be considered as a life skill. Largely, there are sixteen habits of… Read More »Habits Of Mind

High Stakes Testing

High-stakes testing is standardized achievement tests that work as a primary mechanism for evaluating the performance of students and educators. It has significant consequences or forms the basis of a momentous decision.  High stakes testing meets the following three criteria: 1.  Being a single defined… Read More »High Stakes Testing

Hidden Curriculum

A hidden curriculum is what students learn from school, apart from the academic curriculum in regular classes; especially the break times in the school are a vital part of the hidden curriculum. The curriculum’s hidden description is mostly unexamined, or even unacknowledged by teachers, the… Read More »Hidden Curriculum