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Hybrid Course

Blended or Hybrid Course

Blended and Hybrid courses are identical terms, but both the courses are slightly different in their teaching method. 

Blended Course: Blended course is a teaching method that involves face-to-face sessions using an online learning course material and physical material. Hence the activity is a ‘blend’ of both the technology (online), the teacher’s physical presence, the student, and the learning material. 

The blended course is a widespread traditional and modern use of the learning method adopted by many institutions and learning centers. The technique is proven effective. The blended course allows the teacher to teach the student available online material such as, learning through videos or podcasts, and reading online material posted on websites or blogs. 

Students perform better in the blended course because their learning is complemented by material available online.  The presence of a teacher is essential too, as they can solve their query on time. 

For example, in a Travel and Tourism Management class, the teacher utilizes an online google map portal to teach students country maps and the cities. At the same time, they refer to their book for more details about the city. 

Hybrid Course: Hybrid class is a course that functions on online learning exercises that joins customary, eye to eye “seat time”. It works both on traditional learning methods as well as an online learning practice.

In addition to the blended course, a hybrid course is now widely accepted as a learning method. The class sessions are conducted via video conferencing apps such as Zoom, Skype, etc. 
For example, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the educational institutes have shifted to online teaching apps for studies. The teacher takes classes via Teachmint.

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