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Higher Secondary

What does Higher Secondary School Means?

The higher secondary is also known as Senior Secondary in some places. It refers to the education imparted in the eleventh and twelfth standards in schools. The schools which provide education up to these classes are known as Higher secondary schools.

A higher level of education is important for further studies and for getting admission to top colleges. In India, various boards like CBSE, ICSE, and other state boards conduct the Higher secondary school examination.

Only after clearing these exams, a student can further pursue higher studies. A student who clears the class 12th exam is called a senior school graduate. They also receive a certificate for the same and are called school certificate holders.

The pressure of studying and performing well is usually higher on higher secondary students and teachers are better trained to maintain a high level of active learning to engage the students and prepare them for entrance examinations as well as further studies.

Senior students are also required to pay tuition fees. It refers to the cost of attaining a higher level of education. Some schools have scholarship programs for economically weaker sections (EWS) of society, whereas some schools regularly increase the tuition fees annually for these students.

Higher secondary education is vital for students because it allows them to proceed in their careers. Therefore, career advancement is one of the major benefits of this education system. A good education makes them a prospect for employers to pursue. Moreover, it also helps in skill development as it serves as a great platform to develop social skills. Also, students can enhance their abilities by participating in various extra-curricular activities. It gives them the confidence to socialize with anyone and everyone.

Importance of Higher Secondary Education

Now, that you know what higher secondary education let’s understand the importance of higher secondary education in detail.

  • Lays Foundation of Higher Education- It’s the education gained in the higher education classes which prepares the students for college education. If students don’t get this education students will not get admission in the college system. 
  • Better Career Opportunities- It’s clear that with higher education a student can get college admission. With a college education, the gates to better career opportunities are opened for students. 
  • Social and Emotional Development- High school education provides opportunities for students to interact and collaborate with peers from diverse backgrounds. This fosters social skills, empathy, tolerance, and the ability to work effectively in a multicultural society. 
  • Become Better Citizen- Students learn things from schools, and higher education means that students get to know laws, rules & regulations. All these things help them make better and responsible future citizens of the nation. 
  • Personal Growth- After finally completing their school education, students feel a sense of personal fulfillment. This in exchange makes students thrive and grow not only professionally but also personally, making them grow personally too. 

Higher Secondary means a lot to any student’s life, it’s like a building block to his career. Nowadays competition has increased so much that high school students need to do hard work as well as smart work at the same time. Higher secondary means that the student has reached a point where he/she has to take their career seriously. Higher secondary means not only to study but to try different things at the same time. During these young days, students must complete their homework on time but also get time to try out new things which will enhance their knowledge about practical life.

Higher secondary means have changed a lot from previous times, nowadays students and kids have access to the Internet which means they are being provided with too much information, which is good but also needs to be controlled at some point.  Too much information has confused students about what stream and what things are good and bad. Higher secondary means to gain knowledge on different skills, during this time not only they should work on theories but also on implementing things on their own. It is also important to not get distracted during these times.

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