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Higher-Order Thinking

The term higher-order thinking refers to the ability and the skill to think above the information which was gained. In simpler terms, to think on a level that is above the memorization and rote information. It is basically using your cognitive ability and doing something with the information shared with you and not just memorizing it.

Higher-order thinking skill also known as HOTS is a way to judge the caliber of the thinking ability. Individuals who use higher-order thinking skills are capable of analyzing and evaluating gained information to connect the dots to figure out missing pieces of the whole picture.

It helps the students to think on higher levels and be creative, innovative, and evaluative. Steps for enhancing higher order thinking skills or HOTS can include active learning, teaching, and explaining the foundation of concepts, naming and categorizing the concepts. It can also be in a form of tell, show, and interact rather than just tell. There are activities for students that are specifically designed to increase their thinking skills.

Higher Order Thinking Skills are different from critical thinking; they go beyond memorization and observation of facts. Critical thinking is a part of HOTS and is also a part of Bloom’s taxonomy. Bloom’s taxonomy is a theory of six levels of higher-order thinking skills. 

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