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Father of Sociology

Father of Sociology
Auguste Comte (Father of Sociology) is credited with establishing sociology and positivism. Comte developed the word sociology and systematically organized the new study. Both Louis Comte, a tax official, and Rosalie Boyer, Comte’s mother, were ardent Roman Catholics and staunch royalists. Their sympathies, on the other hand, went opposed to the republicanism and skepticism that characterized France throughout the Revolution. Comte addressed these issues early on by rejecting both Roman Catholicism and royalism. As a result of the violent war, people were adrift in their feelings, thoughts, and actions; they lacked trust in existing sentiments, ideas, and institutions yet had nothing to replace them with. According to Comte (Father of Sociology), this period was not only critical for France and Europe but also one of the most pivotal in human history. Comte’s singular ability was to bring together a diverse spectrum of intellectual currents. He (Father of Sociology) was mostly influenced by literature from the 18th and early 19th centuries. Comte agreed with Saint-assessment Simon’s view of current science’s expanding importance and the potential for scientific methodologies to be used in society’s study and improvement. Comte believed that social phenomena could be reduced to rules in the same way that gravitational theory explained the revolutions of the celestial planets.

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