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FAQ Full Form

FAQ Full Form

FAQ full form is Frequently Asked Questions. FAQs are listed questions and answers that pertain to a particular topic, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context. These are commonly used where certain common questions appear to recur on email mailing lists and other similar online forums. On the basis of usage, FAQ may refer specifically to a single frequently asked question, or to an array of several questions and their answers.

Most product-based and service-based websites also have FAQ sections so that they can answer the most common questions without the customer even asking. The answer to an FAQ is usually kept short and to the point so that users can understand easily and do not require extra research into the subject. Another thing about FAQ answers is that they, under no circumstances, should have any difficult incomprehensible words and phrases, because the main point of an FAQ is to answer a question is to make sure that the customer or whoever the person is that is reading the answer does not have more questions. 

The FAQ section is one of the most important sections on a website or forum because it also helps understand what the average intelligence of the people visiting the digital forums is like, and this can greatly improve the overall efficiency of the forum on the whole. These questions also help you understand different products in detail. You can find FAQs on lms portal on the internet to understand how this edtech tools works.

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