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Feature Writing

Feature Writing is a critically recognized literary form of writing in journalism. It involves writing featured articles on great personalities, relevant issues, and trending topics. This form of writing is generally longer than a news story and is informative in nature. Feature writing is used extensively in newspapers, online media, and magazines. It covers a story in great depth and is intended to captivate the attention of the audience to a specific cause by taking to the story from a different angle. 

It generally represents a new item through the lens of a narrative story and uses story and plot characters. The content that is used in feature writing is not fictional, it relies heavily on subjectivity, creativity, or realism. The purpose of this type of writing is to make an attempt to connect with the readers on an emotional level. It serves the purpose of keeping the readers entertained while informing them. They are less objective than straight news though.

Feature writing can make for quite a lucrative career choice for students who are interested in writing and want to pursue a career in journalism.

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