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Father of Artificial Intelligence

The person credited with the title of the Father of Artificial Intelligence is John McCarthy, an American computer scientist, and cognitive scientist. John was born on the 4th of September 1927 and was one of the founders of the very discipline of artificial intelligence. In fact, he was part of the team that co-authored the document that later went on to universally coin the term artificial intelligence. 

However, artificial intelligence was not the only thing John McCarthy had influenced. He was the person who developed the Lisp programming language family, but it doesn’t end there either. He was instrumental in influencing the design of the ALGOL language, popularizing time-sharing, and is also credited with the invention of the Lisp language’s automatic memory management system, which popularly came to be known as garbage collection. It is because of advancements like this in the field of artificial intelligence that McCarthy was called the father of artificial intelligence.

McCarthy was instrumental in introducing the concept of common sense in artificial intelligence by making use of mathematical concepts like the lambda calculus and invented logic. He spent most of his career at Stanford University and received several accolades and honors, such as:

  • 1971 Turing Award for his contributions to the topic of AI:
  • The United States National Medal of Science
  • The Kyoto Prize

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