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BAM stands for Bachelor in Applied Mathematics. It is an interdisciplinary subject that uses mathematical equations and models to solve practical problems in the field of physical sciences, social sciences, technology, engineering, or business. Some of the major mathematics topics that are used in BAM are game theory, linear programming, continuous modeling, numerical analysis, statistics, and information theory. It involves in-depth knowledge of mathematics and other subjects. The allied subjects depend on the area of expertise. Many universities and colleges offer various options to students willing to undertake BAM. Some of the major specializations include:

  • Mathematical biology
  • Combinatorics
  • Mathematical finance
  • Applied analysis
  • Topography
  • Probability
  • Risk and analysis

Scope of BAM

After completing this course, students will get to learn about various fields that use mathematical functions to solve problems. The course is best suited for students having a deep understanding and interest in mathematics. BAM gives students the chance to become mathematicians or statistical analysts. Interested candidates can also choose higher studies in this field. Candidates can take admissions to Bachelor of Applied Mathematics in two ways. Many colleges take an entrance test to give admission to students to this course. Other colleges also offer merit-based admission to students. For merit-based admissions, colleges offer admission to students on the basis of marks obtained in the 10+2 examinations. 

Colleges offering BAM Course

  • Flame University Pune
  • IITT Institutions Chandigarh
  • Jamia Millia Islamia
  • Chandigarh University

Students can visit the official website of these universities or colleges to get the details of the admission process. They will also understand the course details on the websites. 

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