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BA LLB stands for ‘bachelor of arts – bachelor of legislative law’. It is a 5 year integrated LLB program that candidates can pursue after the completion of 12th standard. BA LLB is a combination of law and humanities streams allowing candidates to study subjects like sociology, administrative law, history, family law, and so on. Most law schools that are run in India are 5 years in duration divided into 10 semesters.

To be a BA LLB student, the candidate should clear the 12th standard exam from a recognized board and must have a minimum of 50% aggregate marks to be eligible for studying the course. It is important to note that this course can be pursued at any time because there is no age restriction for the same.

Students looking to pursue this course should have a certain skill set to perform well in it and later have a prosperous career as well. Some of the skills that they should have include:

After completing BA LLB, there are a lot of professions that you can apply for. You can become a lawyer and represent clients in criminal and civil court proceedings. You can become a solicitor focusing primarily on one area of law like property, family, tax, or even just giving legal advice to clients who might be individuals or corporations. They can be legal advisors to large multinational companies in organizations or become a public prosecutor undertaking criminal proceedings in court.

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