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Book Review

A book review is a part of literary criticism where a reviewer describes or analyses the book based on its writing style, content, and merit. It provides a glimpse into the content of the book. Candidates having an interest in literature reading and writing can opt to become book reviewers. If you want to write a book review, you may follow the tips mentioned below. 

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  • Describe what the book is about

Write a couple of sentences describing the book and its content. However, do not give a spoiler alert to the readers. Explain the writing style and give a glimpse of the content without revealing too much about the story. 

  • Discuss the part you liked the most

Give a positive note to audiences and discuss the part that you liked the most about the book. Expressing the positives will help you write a better book review. For example, you may write about your favorite character and why you liked that character. 

  • Mention your dislikes

Mention why you think the book was not able to fulfill your expectations. For example, if you did not like the ending, you may write about it in your review. 

  • Round up your review

Summarize your thoughts and suggest the type of readers you will recommend the book to. For example, if the book is a thriller, you may recommend it to readers who love twists and turns in stories. 

  • Give a rating

If you liked the book, you can provide a rating for it. 

These tips will help you write a better book review for your audiences.

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