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Arts Integration

Arts integration is the method that combines the performing arts with fine arts to achieve the desired objective of learning and understanding. Arts integration is a creative way of gaining problem-solving, motor, language, decision-making, and social skills. 

The inclusion of art in the process develops an eye for creatively handling a subject or situation in an individual. The idea of this integration is to grow the appreciation of arts while working on other subject matters.

The involvement of music, drama, visual or fine art, poetry in the individual’s approach towards a defined task has a good impact on their thoughts and emotions. Schools structured around arts integration helps students excel academically with improved social skills. There are better academic achievements when this method is employed.

It is a method that makes learning interesting. It lets children create mental and visual imagery of the subject matter. Schools are making art education compulsory for the sole purpose of developing these skills in students.

There are many challenges faced in the implementation like school budgets, the availability of teachers, etc. UNESCO has an agency that works towards the promotion of arts integration and its need for students.

In the environment of this integration, students engage in independent art activities which allows them to construct their definition of the task. It helps students to focus on their individual and overall growth. In short, this is an excellent method to increase the retention of the concepts.

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