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Assessment Tools

Assessment Tools are the instruments in the form of techniques that identify a student’s academic skills and abilities on a subject. They help identify strategies for improving the student learning experience and enhancing their fluency towards academics. They help the teachers and educators make informed decisions in developing methods of learning for students. 

Assessment tools are not just restricted to subjects but can also be used in situations. It helps in the identification of learning, behavioral and response patterns of individuals. It goes without saying that assessments are pivotal to understand where students stand in terms of the learning curve.

These tools play a very important role in understanding the improvements required in the learning process. These techniques must be goal-oriented, high on thinking skills, and simple. They must not hold a child responsible for performing low in a particular subject matter but focus on the positive aspect of it. 

Some of the examples for using these tools are knowledge survey, examination, peer review, portfolios, written reports, technological assessment, oral and poster presentations. They consist of various elements it that support their judgment criteria. 

The concept is how well the students visualize and understand the subject matter and respond towards problem-solving. Assessment tools help in determining these aspects for an enhanced and healthy learning experience.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology