Audio-Visual Aids

Audio-Visual Aids are the instructional method of education that uses audio and visual as a mode of learning. The literal meaning of audio is hearing and visual means that is seen by eyes. 

Audio-Visual aids are devices that are used in the classroom to make learning engaging and easy. These can also help teachers to communicate messages or information in places where regular teaching fails. Audio-Visual aids motivate them towards the subjects they don’t find interesting.

It is a known fact that individuals tend to forget things. With creative methods like images of characters, objects, and voiceovers, it attracts the attention of students. It also helps them to retain what they learn. 

Audio-Visual aids give a complete learning atmosphere for students. It lets them experience practical experience from the comfort of the classroom. It makes learning more realistic and lively for students.

These aids offer the students to have gained a positive understanding of the topic. The conceptual learning experience stimulates self-activity in students. These aids are highly successful for students with special needs like hearing and visual disabilities.
Several Audio-Visual aids are helping students with their education. Some of the examples are graphical or pictorial representation, flow charts, diagrams, etc. For teaching, overhead projectors are used by teachers to feature short motion pictures. For audio aid, a tape recorder or radio allows students to expand their creative side. It helps in auditory learning.

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