Assessment for Learning

Assessment for learning is the approach of teaching that creates feedback that is used to improve the performance of students and teaching methods. There are various types of assessments that teachers use. This one is also known as a summative assessment. This method is adopted considering the age and the ability of the students

Teachers include assessments for learning to monitor students regularly and modify their teaching methods as per requirement. Its purpose is to gather information about students and make a decision through that information to ensure they are responding to the learning. 

This assessment defines if the teaching methods are meeting the learning structure of students or if they need improvement. It measures, evaluates, and records the academic readiness and the skills acquired by students.

Some of the strategies used in these types of assessments are examination, appraisal, and evaluation. This concept makes teachers understand where the students are in the learning structure and how to proceed with them. Assessment for learning not only helps improve learning methods but also has a direct relation to the overall system improvement.

It has been observed that a child builds “mental maps” to understand, respond to experiences and situations. This development of a child’s mental growth with age and their ability to react to these changes during this stage. This is why academic educators must plan their learning structures around the child’s age and understanding skills. 

Teachers must emphasize the critical role these experiences play in a child’s mental growth. This makes students gain self-confidence, and they become more involved in the learning process to gain their benefits.

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