B.P.Ed stands for Bachelor of Physical Education. It is an undergraduate degree in sports, sports science, guidance, counselling and outdoor education. B.P.ed is a three years course which requires candidates to have eligibility criteria of 10+2. Students meeting the educational standard of a minimum of… Read More »B.P.Ed

Autonomous University

Autonomous University refers to the university that works with independent control on its curriculum and teaching methods. The term autonomous means without outside interference. This educational body has its own set of academic strategies and programs. An autonomous university can conduct their examinations with no… Read More »Autonomous University

Autonomous Learner

An autonomous learner is an individual who is responsible for his/her education. Autonomous means are self-directed or capable of working independently. Self-taught students are involved in their education, decision-making and take charge of their learning strategies. An autonomous learner holds the responsibility for his/her education.… Read More »Autonomous Learner


Autodidacticism is a self-paced learning style of education that does not require any supervision. This self-directed learning allows students to learn without a formal education. An autodidact looks for knowledge out of their own will and interest and curiosity. They do not bound themselves to… Read More »Autodidacticism

Attendance Management

Attendance Management is a method of keeping track of the student’s presence and absence from a school or college. It is also used to manage the attendance of faculty in the educational institute. It is a physical or digital document managed by the teachers or… Read More »Attendance Management


Attendance is the act of being present at or attending a class, an event or a meeting. It depends upon the classroom, whether the attendance would be both physical and virtual. In schools, students must maintain their attendance against a set standard. The concept of… Read More »Attendance

Associate Dean

Associate Dean is the title or the position in the academic department hierarchy who reports to the Dean for administrative functions. They are the middle managers responsible for supervising and coordinating all the educational institution activities. An Associate Dean collaborates with other support groups and… Read More »Associate Dean


Assimilation is the art of completely understanding information and knowledge. Assimilation means combining or integrating the ideas, thoughts, or experiences of individuals. This style of education determines how students absorb new instructions and put them into the existing one. It is a form of adapting… Read More »Assimilation

Academic Literacy

Academic literacy states that a person should be proficient enough in reading and writing when it comes to academics. It is the ability to contextualise the academic vocabulary required in higher education.   Academic Literacy involves summarising, analyzing, comparing, and contrasting the information and ideas from… Read More »Academic Literacy

Academic Journal

An academic journal is also known as a scholarly journal. It is a periodical publication that includes various original research work and reviews of the previous subjects. These are written by researchers who are experts in a particular branch of study. It is a forum… Read More »Academic Journal