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Scaffolding refers to the different instructional techniques that are used to move students progressively towards a stronger understanding and more independence in the learning process. The teachers have to provide consecutive levels of temporary support and help students reach higher levels of comprehension. Here, they will be acquiring the skills that they would not be able to achieve without the help of their teachers.

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All teachers mostly use scaffolding in various forms to a greater or a lesser extent in their teaching, to understand the growth mindset of a student. One of the many ideas of scaffolding is the reduction of negative emotions or self-perceptions experienced by the students when they get intimidated, frustrated, or discouraged. This may happen while attempting a task that has a certain level of difficulty.

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Scaffolding is basically a wide variety of techniques and adaptations of the lessons by the professor or an educator. The teachers will mostly break up learning concepts or skills into distinct parts, and then provide the required assistance to the students to understand each piece. To achieve a particular goal of a lesson, the teacher will give a simplified version of a lesson or assignment to the students, and gradually increase the complexity level.

The technique is often useful in bridging the learning gap. It is an essential element for effective teaching. Here, the students have to work without assistance or direction. 

It reflects a major difference between what students have learned, to what they are expected to know, and they should be able to perform that at a certain point in their education. For instance:- if the students are not able to understand a text of the course that needs a specific reading level ability. The teacher might then be using the technique of instructional scaffolding to help students improve their reading ability until they manage to read the text independently and without assistance.

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