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Rubric refers to a set of instructions or titles in a book or an exam paper printed in a particular style. It is written or printed in red so that it can be distinguished from the rest of the text. Rubric is a great tool which is helpful for teachers as well as students. It helps the teachers in setting up the grading criteria for students assignments

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Parents usually like the concept of rubrics as they find it useful to help their children with their homework. It proves to be an essential tool for students, helping them find out about their purpose, details, voice, organization, and mechanics. It aids in assessing self-paced learning. Students can judge their own work when they use rubrics regularly. They begin to accept more responsibility for their own work for a better result. 

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To find an appropriate existing rubric is not possible every time. But, one can always create their own rubric cube or can modify the existing one. The rubric is basically a  particular standard that has been set for scoring or grading the knowledge and performance of a student. 

This tool is also known as a scoring tool. It represents the levels of quality for each and every criterion. Due to this, the levels of performance may have different ratings. For example, numerical scores like 1,2,3,4,5, or word phrase scores like good, bad, needs improvements, excellent, can do better.

Another example of using rubric under mechanics defines the lowest level of performance, to the highest level of performance. Rubric assists students and teachers in determining the quality of a particular topic or subject. It also reduces the time teachers spend on grading the work of a student. It makes it easier for them to explain the grading system, and what are the scopes of improvement for students. 

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