SCERT stands for the State Council of Educational Research and Training. Being an autonomous body of the government of India, SCERT deals in school education and academics like curriculum formulation, textbook preparation, teachers’ handbooks, and teacher training. It advises the government on matters related to school education. 

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The office of SCERT is in Delhi. The National Council of Teacher Education assigned SCERT to work on course conduct, curriculum construction, admissions, examination, guidance, etc. It also looks after 9 DIETS (District Institute of Education and Training) of Delhi and ensures their effective functioning.  

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SCERT has a significant contribution to the field of school education and in particular, teacher’s education. Besides 9 DIET, it is working with 21 recognized private institutes that are giving two years full-time Diploma in Elementary Teacher Education. It is also looking after 30 recognized private institutes offering full-time diploma of two years to early childhood care and education. The yearly intake is 4150. The body is essential to set standards and ensure smooth functioning.

It is also providing material for the development of students and support for teachers. It brought 215 publications between the years 1988 and 2005. It organized a national seminar in Delhi on the topic – Good School Management Practices. 

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