Literacy is termed as the ability of reading and writing. Literacy revolves around social learning and educational technology. The basic concept of literacy belongs to reading, writing, and counting skills, but it is not the end of the literacy concept.  Now it is understood as… Read More »Literacy


The scientific study of language is known as linguistics. It’s not about how many languages you know, but how much knowledge you have of any particular language. The main focus of linguistics is about the structure of the language, the use of that language in… Read More »Linguistics

Life Skills

Life skills refer to a set of skills acquired by learning and teaching that experiences the problem solving and solution-oriented approach towards life. They include creativity of mind, critical thinking in different situations, the problem-solving attitude of an individual, decision-making skills, communication, and creating a… Read More »Life Skills

Authentic Assessment

Authentic Assessment is the style of learning that uses creative experiences to test a student’s knowledge. It allows the students to apply the newly acquired skills to situations and do problem-solving. Authentic means realistic and authentic assessment means working on real incidents. Its goal is… Read More »Authentic Assessment


Mastering, as the name signifies, is the art of becoming skilled in a particular field or area. It means to acquire knowledge in a subject of interest, and master it. It applies to various branches like academics, music, craft, sports, etc. Being an expert in… Read More »Mastering

Mastery Learning

Mastery learning is a strategy to instruct and educate students on a particular subject or area of interest. It can be an individual, group-based teaching, or self-learning techniques. It is a step-by-step method of achieving the desired result. Mastery of learning states that a student… Read More »Mastery Learning


M.ed, or Masters of Education, is a master’s degree program that deals in education and teaching methods. It offers higher education for individuals who are willing to pursue a career as a teacher. M.ed involves specialization in various courses as per the interest of the… Read More »M.ed


Lyceum is the name given to the secondary education that usually focuses on students from elementary school to college. It can also be called a hall where lectures, discussions, and events are organized. It is a large place where academicians come together to share knowledge.… Read More »Lyceum

Low Stakes Testing

Low Stakes Testing is the use of instruments to evaluate a student’s performance before they appear for their final examination. It is usually done during the classroom sessions to make education more effective. The performance is evaluated so that students can make improvements in school… Read More »Low Stakes Testing

Logical Intelligence

Logical Intelligence is the ability of an individual to think logically, analyse, and reach the conclusion to a problem. It enables a student to establish a relationship between two or more complex objects. It helps in understanding difficult mathematical concepts. It is also referred to… Read More »Logical Intelligence