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Hybrid Learning

Hybrid learning is a form of blended learning and teaching, where education is imparted online as well as physically through lectures by qualified teachers. Hybrid learning is all about keeping in mind the advancement of technology while holding the roots of imparting knowledge i.e., traditional classes. The students can attend the lectures in a class physically or virtually sitting at home.

Hybrid learning allows teachers to give out the best of online multimedia resources available, and students to learn from them as well as from the physical classroom lectures. Class discussions, role-playing, case studies and group projects can also form the process of active learning. 

In addition, during class lectures, teachers also provide information in the written or oral form, keeping a traditional classroom component intact.  

However, hybrid learning is also a form of digital learning as traditional teaching methods are now aided by computer learning and online resources, thus increasing every student’s speed and learning capacity. 

This type of learning allows them to have the best of both worlds by complementing the in-person guidance with web-based information activities. The integration makes the learning more fun, interesting and engaging.

It benefits the students by addressing their unique needs and increasing peer interaction. It allows students to engage with active learning where they are a part of the learning process, providing an interactive learning classroom.

Introducing the World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology
World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology