The word mid-term commonly refers to the exams conducted in the middle of one session. In other words, Mid-term means the tests that are conducted during the semester, trimester, yearly, or any other exam system.  The term signifies all those tests that a student has… Read More »Mid-Term

Mid-day Meal Program

The government runs the mid-day meal program for government school students.  It guarantees a meal once a day to the juniors and middle school children affiliated with the government or government-aided institutions. According to the NEP (New Education Policy 2020), a supplementary breakfast has been… Read More »Mid-day Meal Program


MHRD is the organization named as the Ministry of Human Resource and Development. These organizations come under the Ministry of Education.  MHRD is responsible for the development of the necessary infrastructure for the education sector. They frame policies as well as execute them for the… Read More »MHRD


A methodology is a technique designed to carry out research, a task, or any particular activity. Any activity that is performed with some predetermined fixed steps is known as methodology. It is a framework for the theoretical analysis of a definite task.  Methodologies are framed… Read More »Methodology


Metacognition is primarily concerned with critical thinking. It is “thinking” about thinking. The NEP (New Education Policy) has made it necessary for the middle schools and higher secondary schools to include the subject relevant to metacognition in the curriculum.  Its inclusion in education will help… Read More »Metacognition


Mentoring is a process by which an individual helps and gives advice to a person in need. The person younger in age than a mentor or lacks information or knowledge and needs mentoring.  Education of psychology generally depends on completing the course study—the training and… Read More »Mentoring

Mental Object

The mental object is the range of what one has perceived, discovered, or learned. The term is related to the cognition of the human brain.  The mental object towards the same stimuli or in the same surrounding differs variedly. Every brain perceives and learns the… Read More »Mental Object

Mental Health

Mental health is a state of well-being of the emotional, psychological, and social condition of the human brain to cope up with the everyday stress of life. A person with sound mental wellbeing can contribute to the development and progress of society as a whole. … Read More »Mental Health


Memory is the brain’s ability to acquire, store, retain, and retrieve information whenever needed. It can preserve as well as retrieve stored knowledge based on what a person has learned or experienced. The human brain is complex and researchers carry out continuous research to understand… Read More »Memory

Cyber Class

The term Cyber Class refers to a class or lesson that is taught using the internet or cyberspace. It allows you to get a complete education in a particular discipline from the convenience of your home. Students can enroll themselves in diploma and certificate courses,… Read More »Cyber Class