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Qualifications of A Teacher

A teacher is qualified if they fulfill the minimal academic levels to teach a particular subject. The level of education and the country largely determine the qualifications of a teacher. Some of the criteria considered to qualify teachers to include the degree documents for four years and a regular teaching certificate.

However, this definition excludes the concept of trained teachers. Trained teachers are those who have been receiving pedagogical training in an organized way. A relatively high variation is evident in the way different countries organize pedagogical training. Some of the teacher training programs range from 1 to 4 years. However, some individual teachers may lack both training as well as academic qualifications.

The qualifications of teachers can be based on a practical component or field experience. Depending on the country and educational setting, this may be during the coursework or after completing it. 

Qualifications of a teacher are one of the most important criteria of their recruitment. This includes their subject knowledge, concept knowledge, ability to explain. ability to understand doubts and methods of resolving the same. Most academic institutions look forward to hiring teachers who have such skills and are proficient in their field. Reputed academic institutions look into these qualifications before hiring their staff to ensure a better quality of education. This is done to ensure students have imparted a better standard of education.

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