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Quick Write

Quick write is an active exercise involved in learning. Here, The teachers generally ask a question on a topic that has already been taught in class and provide around five minutes to the students to answer the same. 

Quick write aims to determine whether or not the students have done their homework. This also allows the students to focus on the knowledge that they already have on the topic. Therefore, quick write works like an attendance check and attention check. 

This is often the first draft response while writing a response in the classroom. The first draft is a rough sketch of what your finished work would look like. However, quick write is different from free writes and prompts. 

Students can come up with ideas faster when their teachers follow this strategy, without censoring. It generates the concepts that remain in their subconscious minds. In a nutshell, teachers can understand all that the students know about a particular subject matter through this method of active learning.

For example, a teacher may ask the students to write ten lines on how their city looks at night or they may ask the students to differentiate between a friend and a classmate. Therefore, quick writes also test the critical thinking abilities of the students. This process of quick write complements the process of making a hypothesis. This tactic proves beneficial in different levels of education.

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