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Teaching Development Plan (TDP)

A teaching development plan is an overview of your experience as a teacher and how a teacher continues to perform. It is a chart representation that indicates a teacher’s ongoing development for a particular subject(s)/course in that particular educational institute. 

In simple words, a TDP for a teacher represents their overall list of tasks which they are working on, for achieving their goals. The teachers are expected to follow a teaching development plan (TDP) and gain the needed experience and skills to get the most out of their students.

For example, if a teacher’s goal is to become the head of the department or a member of the education department, then the TDP should include their methods to gain that position in their professional career. The TDP is a documentary record of an individual’s career path which may include CPD or continuing professional development

Teachers usually are expected to outline their skills and the skills they would need to reach their professional goals. All the teachers should be actively working on the TD plan to support their career graph growth. 

The teaching development plan includes:

  • Their current position
  • Their future plan/objectives
  • Identifying gaps
  • Identifying what improvements or other skills are needed to to achieve the set goals
  • Setting realistic timelines for accomplishing those goals
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