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Teaching Assistant

A teaching assistant is an education assistant or team teacher who assists individuals or students with teaching responsibilities. This includes only graduate teaching assistants, who have graduated with education degrees, such as bachelors of education or masters of education. We also know them as professional educators and teachers

They are generally appointed with a predetermined fixed salary by the school department on an ad-hoc basis. However, Teaching assistants openly help the main teacher by supporting students with learning disabilities such as autism, common physical disabilities, blindness, and deafness.

The department of education of a university or a school appoints graduate teaching assistants on a temporary contract, based on their qualifications. In countries like New Zealand, Australia, and India, teaching assistants are widely known as tutors. The responsibilities of a teaching assistant include office work, taking tests, setting, checking exams, and assisting teachers or professors during the lecture or on behalf of their presence. In junior school or elementary school, usually teaching assistants are hired so that the main teachers can get the best out of students. They are also sometimes referred to as paraprofessionals and are generally placed on a contract basis throughout the academic year. They play a pivotal role in the institutions.

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